Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wirbelauer, of Counsel

German qualified lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)

Professor of Business Law

Labour Law (individual and collective), Compliance, employee data protection law

German, English

Track record (selection):

  • Legal assessment in German labour and social security law on a stock options plan drafted for an European telecommunication company.

  • Representation of a medical center’s chief physician before the employment courts.

  • Compliance investigation and legal assessment in industrial constitution law for an international software company.

  • Dismissal protection trial representation for an executive employee of a supra regional advertising agency.

  • Drafting of a legal fact book as a part of a sales and purchase procedure concerning the purchase of a Dax 30 company´s international sub companies.

  • Legal advice and drafting of employee secondment contracts and corporate immigration procedures for an U.S. American global player in soft drink production and sales.

  • Legal advice and drafting of the termination agreements for the CEO of an Asian sub company of a German pharmaceutical industry company.

  • Legal due diligence assessment within a sale and purchase procedure concerning the acquisition of a group of hotels by an American investor.

  • Dismissal protection trial for the head of compliance of an international weapons manufacturer.

  • Negotiation of a company bargaining agreement for an international pharmaceutical company as part of a post-merger integration.



  • Law studies in Mainz, Jena and Gießen

  • Studies in Business Administration in Liverpool (UK)

  • Admission to the German bar 2009

  • Ph.D. (Dr. iur. 2012) in legal history

  • Appointment as a Professor of Business Law 2018


Important professional positions:


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal AG

  • International law firm KayeScholer (Germany) LLP

  • Federal Association of German Employers' Associations

  • International lobbying at BusinessEurope (Brussels, BE)

  • International Law firm Covington & Burling LLP



Areas of activity:

  • Legal advice and court representation in individual and collective labour law

  • Compliance

  • Employee data protection law

  • Legal advice and court representation to corporate directors and officers

Publications and Lectures:


Lectures held (selection):

  • "Private Internet use at the workplace" (entrepreneur breakfast 2017, FOM University of Applied Sciences)

  • "Legality of the current practice of repeat fixed-term employment in the German public service under German constitutional and European law." (Lecture 2015 at the Federal University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Finance, Münster)

  • "Use of Employers` IT Equipment - Internet/Mail & Phone as a Matter of Data Security Compliance" (Labour Law Day 2014 of AGV Ruhr-Niederrhein, Duisburg)

  • “System and Functioning of the Politically Influenced Criminal Justice and Trials at the Former GDR.” (Berlin Hohenschönhausen 2004, as head of the Foreign and Security Policy Working Group)

  • "Constitutional Law and International Law Assessment of the Second Iraq War" (Lecture 2003 at amnesty international and CDU)

Publications (selection):

  • "Distinction between permissible obstruction of access and company boycott" (jurisPR-ArbR 30/2018)

  • "Requirement of a works council training according to § 37 Abs. 6 BetrVG and relevant date of review" (jurisPR-ArbR 5/2018)

  • "The creation of a contractual non-compete obligation for the GmbH managing director" (MDR 2/2018, 61-67)

  • "The term " recruitment " after the entry into force of the AÜG Amendment Act" - A methodological study taking into account national economic aspects - (NZA 15/2017, 970 - 976)

  • "Tobacco "Plain-Packaging" Legislation and the Right of Use and Enjoyment of European Registered Trademarks in an European and International Law Perspective" (IPRB 2016, 137-141)

  • "Legal Force of Enforcement Orders from Legally not Competent Courts" (Publications 2013 UVF Frankfurt)

  • Doctoral Thesis Concerning “History of the Notaryship, City Courts and Land Registers of the State of Hesse” (Dissertation Univ. Gießen 2012)