Wolfram Wirbelauer

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Wirbelauer, of Counsel

German qualified lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)



Professor of Business Law

Labour Law (individual and collective), Compliance, employee data protection law

German, English

Track record (selection):

  • Legal assessment in German labour and social security law on a stock options plan drafted for an European telecommunication company.

  • Representation of a medical center’s chief physician before the employment courts.

  • Compliance investigation and legal assessment in industrial constitution law for an international software company.

  • Dismissal protection trial representation for an executive employee of a supra regional advertising agency.

  • Drafting of a legal fact book as a part of a sales and purchase procedure concerning the purchase of a Dax 30 company´s international sub companies.

  • Legal advice and drafting of employee secondment contracts and corporate immigration procedures for an U.S. American global player in soft drink production and sales.

  • Legal advice and drafting of the termination agreements for the CEO of an Asian sub company of a German pharmaceutical industry company.

  • Legal due diligence assessment within a sale and purchase procedure concerning the acquisition of a group of hotels by an American investor.

  • Dismissal protection trial for the head of compliance of an international weapons manufacturer.

  • Negotiation of a company bargaining agreement for an international pharmaceutical company as part of a post-merger integration.



  • Law studies in Mainz, Jena and Gießen

  • Studies in Business Administration in Liverpool (UK)

  • Admission to the German bar 2009

  • Ph.D. (Dr. iur. 2012) in legal history

  • Appointment as a Professor of Business Law 2018


Important professional positions:


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal AG

  • International law firm KayeScholer (Germany) LLP

  • Federal Association of German Employers' Associations

  • International lobbying at BusinessEurope (Brussels, BE)

  • International Law firm Covington & Burling LLP



Areas of activity:

  • Legal advice and court representation in individual and collective labour law

  • Compliance

  • Employee data protection law

  • Legal advice and court representation to corporate directors and officers

Publications and Lectures:


Lectures held (selection):

  • "Private Internet use at the workplace" (entrepreneur breakfast 2017, FOM University of Applied Sciences)

  • "Legality of the current practice of repeat fixed-term employment in the German public service under German constitutional and European law." (Lecture 2015 at the Federal University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Finance, Münster)

  • "Use of Employers` IT Equipment - Internet/Mail & Phone as a Matter of Data Security Compliance" (Labour Law Day 2014 of AGV Ruhr-Niederrhein, Duisburg)

  • “System and Functioning of the Politically Influenced Criminal Justice and Trials at the Former GDR.” (Berlin Hohenschönhausen 2004, as head of the Foreign and Security Policy Working Group)

  • "Constitutional Law and International Law Assessment of the Second Iraq War" (Lecture 2003 at amnesty international and CDU)

Publications (selection):

  • "Distinction between permissible obstruction of access and company boycott" (jurisPR-ArbR 30/2018)

  • "Requirement of a works council training according to § 37 Abs. 6 BetrVG and relevant date of review" (jurisPR-ArbR 5/2018)

  • "The creation of a contractual non-compete obligation for the GmbH managing director" (MDR 2/2018, 61-67)

  • "The term " recruitment " after the entry into force of the AÜG Amendment Act" - A methodological study taking into account national economic aspects - (NZA 15/2017, 970 - 976)

  • "Tobacco "Plain-Packaging" Legislation and the Right of Use and Enjoyment of European Registered Trademarks in an European and International Law Perspective" (IPRB 2016, 137-141)

  • "Legal Force of Enforcement Orders from Legally not Competent Courts" (Publications 2013 UVF Frankfurt)

  • Doctoral Thesis Concerning “History of the Notaryship, City Courts and Land Registers of the State of Hesse” (Dissertation Univ. Gießen 2012)